Thursday, June 30, 2005

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A Generational Leader says: Moshiach in Months, Not Years

Some new and very exciting news from the Moshiach / Geulah front. Rabbi Lazer Brody from the Lazer Beams blog writes:

Rabbi Yakov Aryeh Alter, better known as the Gerrer Rebbe (grand rabbi of Ger hassidus), one of the world's most prominent, respected, and influential rabbinical leaders joins the lineup of Tzaddikim (Jewish living saints) who expect the arrival of Moshiach in the nearest future. Expressing himself in Yiddish, the Gerrer Rebbe Shlit"a said recently, "Moshiach will come this year, or by the end of next year." The Gerrer Rebbe is known as an individual of tremendous spiritual stature, who does much and says very little...
Yesterday, I met with Rabbi Shlomo Tzvi Alter - one of the Gerrer Rebbe's sons who, along with his brothers, heard the Rebbe say emphatically before Kiddush, "Moshiach will come this year, or by the end of next year." After the Seder, the Rebbe concluded by saying in Yiddish, "We'll soon discover that the entire Golus was worth eating one little piece of meat (alluding to the korban Pesach, or Pascal lamb, which G-d willing we'll all be eating in the Holy Temple this coming Passover)," meaning that we have no idea of the value of Moshiach, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, korbonos, and the spiritual treasures that are in store for us. When one of his sons asked him to elaborate, the Rebbe refused, saying, "Ich hob schoin gezugt tzu fil," or, "I've already said too much."

Whoa, WHOA! This is not just another rabbi piling on, this is one of the top Jewish leaders of the generation. The signs are lining up, more than a few.

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