Monday, June 20, 2005

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A Garden of Nuts?

From the book Hayom Yom, from Day to Day, for the 8th of Sivan...

The physical universe is a mixture.

It is a meeting-place where G-d meets together (as it were) with man, the select of all creatures; yet it is also Ginat Egoz, "a garden of nuts," the word Egoz having the numerical equivalent of Cheit, "sin."

G-d gives man the capacity to choose freely, that man may choose for himself a path in life.

Unspoken, "or G-d forbid, the opposite". This little entry teaches several detailed lessons.

First, 'gematria', Hebrew letters are used both for words and for numbers (somewhat like Roman numerals, is "VI" a word or the number 6). Relationships between words and meanings are sometimes made when the words have the same numerical value. In this case, nut is the same as sin.

What's a garden of nuts? Ever walked near a nut tree (in season), nut's all over the ground? How about in an orchard in season? Fruit everywhere, step carefully. Some on the trees to be picked, some spoiled on the ground to be avoided. With nuts, they're all over the place.

Step carefully, watch your path, pick the ripe fruit, don't get into a mess by stepping on the rotten ones.

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