Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Congratulations, You're the 10,000 Visitor!

BS"D - BiSiyata D'Shamaya (Aramayic) - With Help from Heaven

With thanks to G-d and the support of my wife and family, I note the passing of the 10,000 unique visitors mark (for visitors, you're unique once every single day, which is a lesson in itself, every day there's another chance to be the best you that you can be) for this blog.

Thank you for visiting and letting my words touch your lives.

As this day in the holy counting of the Omer is represented by the kabbalistic attributes of Gevurah she'b'Malchus, the Strength/Strickness of Kingship, may be merit to speedily see greatest kingship, that of Moshiach ben Dovid, and the time when the knowledge of Hashem will cover the Earth like the oceans cover the seabed, and Hashem can judge the world and find only good.

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