Friday, June 17, 2005

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An American Response

As the barbarians of the world practice their current unique style of evil, cutting off the heads of specifically those people that have come to help them, blowing up places of worship, murdering innocent women and children, I have been heartened by the grass roots American response. This response and these people have no difficulty in recognizing evil and standing up or speaking out against it.

Normally I see this at blogs such as Little Green Footballs, but today I ran into this (following a link of a link):

WARNING - The following links are crude, rude, and definately NOT politically correct. You may find it offensive, especially if you are a follower of Islam.

An American Response to Suicide Islamist Bombers: Click Here (short video)

and a series of additional similar videos and photos, Team Infidel - Click Here.

Unfortunately, the social relativists, for which there is no good and evil, only shades of grey, have been very successful in the past year in redefining the current conflict. There's little doubt in my mind this will result in a more bloody price to pay.

Save Gush Katif! One way to help is here: click here
Fix Israel's Leadership! Jewish Leadership Program - Click Here


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