Monday, June 06, 2005

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$50 million bounty?

Elisheva commented:

Pres. Bush put a $50,000,000 cash bounty on heads of 10,000 Jews in Gush Katif!!
Perhaps you did not notice an even more direct attack - last week Pres. Bush promised to give the "Arabs" a $50,000,000 cash bounty, overriding the US Senate - IF /WHEN the Jews had been successfully taken out of Gush Katif.

Does everyone on this blog know that the real purpose is an international land-grab of Jewish property? - to build a casino, a Club Med and arab vacation resort?

I did go back and re-read the Whitehouse press release to see what was said regarding money. Here it is...

(President Bush) To help ensure that the Gaza disengagement is a success, the United States will provide to the Palestinian Authority $50 million to be used for new housing and infrastructure projects in the Gaza. These funds will be used to improve the quality of life of the Palestinians living in Gaza, where poverty and unemployment are very high.

I think I have to disagree with Elisheva, this is not a bounty, it's straight support to ruthless murderers.

It also may explain where the disconnect is here. President Bush has once again been convinced (or led or forced into the position) that the Israeli-Palestinian situation is the result of Palestinian hopelessness, lack of opportunity, poverty and lack of a functional economy. Of course, this is a joke as the Palestinians never fail to flush their opportunities if there is any hope of causing injury or death to more Jews and/or Israel. Clearly, that's the only opportunity they are looking for.

There's a mystical hint to this in Parshat Haazinu, which (G-d willing) I will post soon.

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