Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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The State vs. The Protestors

Court Judge: Yitzhak Shioni, Vice President 24/5/2005
State of Israel vs. Shai Yishaiayu Malcha Ariel Weingruber
The defendants represented themselves.

Prosecuting Attorney: The defendants were arrested on the 15/5 during a search of the headquarters of the National Home on Reines Street. They are suspected of establishing and organizing a civil disobedience movement for struggling against the disengagement, for instigating revolt in such that they organized activities to block roads and forbidden gatherings, and as a result of that endangered human life on public thoroughfares throughout the country on the day that was designated try 'tryout.' The suspects were arrested one day prior to the demonstrations. We requested an extension of arrest and the courts gave us one day. After that we requested a further extension and the court rejected our request and ordered that the suspects be freed with restrictions. We appealed to Justice Inbar who reversed the decision of the lower court and in his decision declared that the two suspects endangered the public, and there was reasonable cause to suspect interference with the continuing investigation and extended their detention for another four days as per the original request. Afterwards we submitted a request for an addition extension last Friday and we were granted a five day extension until today. The respondents submitted an appeal to the District Court through their attorney Wertzberg which was rejected unconditionally. Yesterday they appealed to the Supreme Court and we spent the entire day there, though at the last moment they withdrew their appeal. Today we are again before the Court to request an additional extension of seven days to complete the investigation. I submit all previous protocols for extension of detention. I submit records of all the investigations that we intend to complete and that we completed from the first extension and all the extensions. I submit a document which details all the investigations which we have carried out until today and those that we wish to undertake as a result of developments resulting from the investigation as well as the cause of arrest that we are requesting. I note before the Court that I will point out to the Court whatever it wishes to see. I would like to add two points. The deeper we get into the investigation the more we discover and the wider the circles get of people we need to investigate. In general there is no cooperation, certainly not from the suspects who refuse to respond because they claim that this is a political investigation, and because of this the police are experiencing difficulties in conducting an investigation in these circumstances. The suspects have been interrogated twice. Since the last extension they have not been interrogated. We have detailed the investigations that we intend to carry out in the future, and let me add just two things in conclusion. First, since the arrest we have spent almost every day in court because of one action of ours and two of theirs. Last Friday, Sunday, and yesterday we were rushed to the Supreme Court twice for no purpose. Lastly, concerning the cause for arrest, this has been before the lower court twice, and there it was decided that the activities that the suspects intend to perform in the future endanger the public. This in light of the fact that the 'tryout' is a disturbance of public order and future activities will be determined on the basis of prevailing conditions. Tomorrow or any other time they may decide again to block thoroughfares, and the local court accepted the police's argument that there is a possibility that they will disrupt further investigations if they are released...

Read the whole thing, and the defendent response, here.

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