Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Push back.

Anti-disengagement news of note from Israel...

Shiloh Musings writes: First of all, I've noticed that my neighbors feel very calm that their sons are arrested. At least some of them. An the wives left home with the kids are doing well, too. The government hasn't frightened anyone. Was it like this during the Mandate when people joined the Etzel and Lechi? (the pre-Israel Jewish underground)

Chabad hassidic news writes: Today (Monday), five Chabad chassidim were arrested at the junction of the main exit from Tzefat after they blocked the road for a considerable amount of time. The roadblock was part of a countrywide protest against the disengagement plan, organized by the right-wing group Habayit Haleumi. When the five were arrested, they were holding signs printed by the World Campaign for the Nation and the Land, bearing the slogan, "The disengagement is a terrible danger for millions of Jews." Full article and pictures here.

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