Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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Places to visit, virtually speaking.

Just a reminder, I maintain, on the right side of the blog's web page, an Interesting Links section, with links to places worth visiting.

Recently added links are:

Elder of Ziyon - An interesting blog on historical and current gross inaccuracies frequently portrayed about Israel. (Also the place where I got the link for the Western Wall picture now on this blog's header.)

Manhigut Yehudit aka Jewish Leadership - If the world and Israel are operating via Derek Teva (the natural path, according to the laws of nature), this is the way, perhaps the only way, that Israel's politics and politicians will get fixed. Well worth your consideration and support.

A Crisp Elul Morning - several kabbalistic and ethical books being translated and commented upon (from Hebrew) on a daily basis.

And a reminder of some of this blog's features:

Don't forget to look over to the right and scroll down, you may find some of these features there of interest:

Make a Donation - Worthy Charities that need your help!
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Newsreader - Subscription...

If you're not familiar, blog's offer the ability to be cataloged, kind of like an email program, by a Blog Reading Program or Blog Reading Website. This can make the task of reading multiple blogs simpler (instead of visiting each site, you just get each site's article's listed and click any that catch your attention).

If you use Bloglines, MSN Blog Reader, My Yahoo Blog Reader, or Newsgator, just click the right button to add this blog. If you use a Blog Reading Program, click the Add to my Newsreader label. If you have your own blog or use Blogrolling to keep your blog list, click Add to Blogrolling.

Yes this can be confusing. Personally, I like this program, Sharpreader (click to get it). It's simple to use and free. For Blog Reader websites, I like Bloglines (click here). It's also free to use.

A note on blog update emails from Bloglet. I sometimes post an article as a Draft, touch it up and post it later. Seems that Bloglet emails are picking up draft articles. Sorry for any confusion this may cause (as the articles aren't too readable when their in draft form).

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Fix Israel's Leadership! Jewish Leadership Program - Click Here


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