Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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More on Israel's Internal Conflict

Batya at Shiloh Musings has a nice post on what's going on culturally and community-wise in Israel's conflict. Original post here.

According to HaRav Yigal, there is a reason for this. The people in government, the media are battling with us for the identity of the “Israeli.” The Zionist movement had dreamt of a “new Jew,” strong and fearless, who worked with his hands, with a “kova tembel” (workers cap) on his head, work clothes, blue eyes, sun-bleached hair, a Jew who wasn’t restricted by old-fashioned Jewish Law.

All of a sudden, after over fifty years of statehood, they looked around and realized that their children and grandchildren had thrown out their kova tembel and instead were decorated with “piercings,” planning their next trip abroad. The proud Israeli farmer of today is in Gush Katif, and there are tzitziyot (ritual fringes) streaming out from under his shirt and a kippah under his work hat. To make matters even worse, this coming year more than fifty percent of the first grade classes will be in the religious (and chareidi) education streams. The demographic trend is clear, and it’s not what the “Zionist establishment” planned.

Throughout our history there were other instances when there was a struggle, a conflict between the spiritual and the “rational,” and the spiritual, the religious has always won. And this time we will again, G-d willing. Those who want to wipe us of out of history will be the ones to disappear.

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