Friday, May 13, 2005

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Mishnah of Geulah?

Rabbi Yakov Wagner says in a shiur (lesson) on Mishnah Brachos (the religious text Mishnah, 1st section, Blessings):

The Ben Yeyada, in discussing Mishnah Brachos, Mishna Alef, explains Shema-Yisroel (the prayer Hear O Israel) has the same gematria (numerical value) as Moshiach Eliyahu. The question which the mishna begins with, "From what time do we say the Shema (prayer)?" means "From when is it time for Moshiach to come?". The mishna continues "in the evening", meaning in the 6th millenium (the 6th day of creation is the evening before Shabbos, and each day of creation corresponds to 1,000 years of history).


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