Thursday, May 12, 2005

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The Milkman and the Shoemaker?

Yeranen Yaakov has a serious of exciting posts about online activity around the geulah (redemption)...

The second is from a Kabbalist known as the "Milkman", whose real name is Rav Hayim Ezra HaCohen Perahia. He says, according to the poster, "By way of accepting the yoke of the kingdom of Heaven, and yearning for Mashiah Ben David (the messiah son of David), in the standing presence of all the great leaders of the generation at the head of myriads of Jews, who will gather at the gates of Jersalem, it is possible - without much exaggeration at all - to cause the actualization of the revelation of Mashiah Tzidkenu! (the righteous redeemer)"

Read it! And this one... (hebrew site) returned its Message from Mashiah (messiah) and explained why it was removed and why they restored it. They say that the Sandlar (shoemaker) has no connection to any previous Sandlar, but is simply a Tzaddik Nistar (hidden saint) who was connected to the people via another Tzaddik (saint).

They also say that what the Sandlar said - he still believes will happen - but just not as quickly as he had originally thought.

There's more, read it here (the comments too!)

Topping it off is an incredible post on End of Days, a multi-page essay on the timing of the final moment for the geulah (redemption). It's long, it's here (click here), and here's a few excepts:

...these Sichot were given in that year, for the Rebbe Rashab said that based on the Zohar the year 5666 was the first year that Mashiach could come B’ito (in its time) whether we deserved it or not.[1] It is no accident in that same year the Rebbe Rashab instituted four cups of wine at the meal for Mashiach as part of the third meal for the afternoon of the last day of Pesach. Every other year in every other millennium prior to 2/3 of the way through the 6th millennium, if Mashiach came, it would be because we did something extraordinary to bring him.
All of this is based on the Holy Zohar on the Torah portion of Vayera from the book of Genesis. It is no accident that the Torah portion of Vayera starts off with the 99th year of Avraham’s life. It is Pesach. Three days prior he changed his destiny. He gave himself a Brit Milah, a circumcision. He is sitting in front of his tent during the heat of the day, preparing himself to welcome guests at a time when most men of lesser stature would be in bed recuperating from their surgery. Suddenly three angels show up in human form. The archangels Michael, Gavriel, and Raphael come to Avraham’s tent for an extraordinary visit. Raphael has come to heal Avraham’s wound. Gavriel is on his way to destroy the five cities of the Plain of Siddim. Raphael, additionally, will accompany Gavriel to rescue Lot from certain death in Sodom. Our advocate Michael has shown up for one purpose only: to inform Avraham of the miraculous birth of a son from his 90 year old wife at the same time next year. Gen. 18:10 שוב אשוב אליך כעת חיה והנה בן לשרה אשתך. “I will surely return to you at this time next year, there will be life. And behold your wife Sarah will have a son!” Sarah laughs at this unbelievable miracle that G-d is about to perform. She is chastised for her lack of faith, but how many of us are laughing at the prospect that Israel will be resuscitated to its youthful state of a nation intimately bound to its Creator by Pesach next year? This is precisely the point, for you see this was the Pesach of Besorot Tovot (Good Information or Tidings). We may or may not have had a visitation from Michael the Archangel, but this 99th Pesach after the year 5666 will go down in history as the year when four great Sephardic Rabbis came out and told us that the final redemption will be with us in full swing by this time next year.

May Hashem make it so, if not sooner!


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