Thursday, May 12, 2005

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Jewish Refugees from the Middle East

"In just 50 years, almost a million Jews, whose communities go back up to 3,000 years, have been 'ethnically cleansed' from Arab countries. These refugees outnumber the Palestinian refugees two to one, but their narrative has all but been ignored. Unlike Palestinian refugees, they fled not war, but systematic persecution.

This website is dedicated to preserving the memory of the near-extinct Jewish communities."

The new Point of No Return blog. Check it out.

Shalom Arbiv, also a native of Libya, who survived the Sidi Azaz camp, tells of his transfer to the camp, located 100 kilometers from Tripoli.

"They shot people like flies," he testifies in the film, "and beat them mercilessly with sticks."

The story of Libyan Jewry is also the subject of "Mitripoli Lebergen Belsen" (From Tripoli to Bergen-Belsen), which will also be broadcast this evening, on Yes. The film opens with a scene from the trial of Adolph Eichmann, but unlike many Holocaust films, these pictures are shown to tell the story of those whose testimonies were deemed superfluous to the trial of the German criminal.

"When North African Jewry wanted to tell their story at the Eichmann trial," says Dr. Irit Abromski-Bligh of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Authority, "they were told, `You do not belong to this story.'"


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