Friday, May 20, 2005

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Doublespeak of the Day: "Decision to Retaliate Returns Tension"

When lies are truth and truth is lies...

Front page story from Google News...

Israel's Decision to Retaliate Returns Tension to Middle East
By Cihan News Agency
Published: Friday 20, 2005

The decision by the Israel army to retaliate immediately against any Palestinian attack has weakened the mutual cease-fire.

What??? A Palestinian attack doesn't weaken or violate a cease-fire, but a Jewish defense or response does? Translation: 'A Jew defending himself violates the peace, an Arab attacking is part of the peace.'

Top-level Israeli military officers met as Palestinian armed group HAMAS attacked Jewish settlements, and decided on immediate reprisals for these kinds of attacks.

Translation: Israeli military officials meeting is worrisome, terrorists attempting to kill Jewish civilians, including women and children, isn't.

Anti-Sharon slogans were chanted at the funeral of a Hamas member, who was killed by Israeli troops as Palestinian groups committed two counter attacks on Israeli settlements by using Qassam missiles.

Translation: A terrorist attempting to murder Jews was killed, this is very upsetting. Not necessarily that he was killed, but that he was unsuccessful.

One person was injured in the attack.

Translation: Only 1 injured Jew, this is seriously upsetting!

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