Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Directing the Negative Traits...

From HaYom Yom, the book from Day to Day, for the 3rd of Iyar.

It is possible to utilize for G-d's service, according to Torah, all behavior-traits. This includes those traits that are unwholesome, and even those that are evil, as their names and descriptions indicate.

For example, the Tzadik (righteous saintly main) Rabbi Meshulam Zusya of Anipoli, of blessed memory, learned a number of methods of serving G-d - from a thief:

a) He works quietly without others knowing.

b) He is ready to place himself in danger.

c) The smallest detail is of great importance to him.

d) He labors with great toil.

e) Alacrity.

f) He is confident and optimistic.

g) If he did not succeed the first time, he tries again and again.

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