Monday, May 16, 2005

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Did the Creator leave clues?

We can certainly relate and understand the Ribino Shel Olam (Creator of the Universe) having intelligence, wisdom, love, and even strictness or, heaven forbid, anger.

But I've always wondered about a sense of humor, a touch of whimsy. Could it be that Hashem has hidden clues to be found in just this generation, and smiles when his children get it?

This is an old story, but brought this to mind nonetheless...

That is a Magen Dovid, which means a Shield of David (not a Star of David as commonly interpreted.) It's a device of protection and defense.

It's also, and those who have seen the picture and article before will know, a plant cell just discovered in an Israeli desert plant. It's unique in the world with a special ability to protect the plant roots from drought (and the danger of when the drought ends).

It's known as the ultimate survivor. It grows wild in Israel, thriving in the harsh dry conditions that would kill many other plants.

And what do the cells of this hardy survivor - a native Israeli Persian buttercup - look like under a microscope?

A Star of David.

"It really is symbolic," says Dr. Rina Kamenetsky, a researcher at Israel's Volcani Institute, who made the surprising discovery while trying to understand the survival mechanisms of this resilient bulb, known in Hebrew as nurit, and in Latin as Ranunculus asiaticus.

Do you get it? Do you understand the hint that the Creator has hidden in the microscopic depths of creation?

(Full article here.)

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