Monday, May 02, 2005

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Concealed From All Eyes

In recent weeks four Sefardi Rabbis in Israel, including two former Chief Rabbis, have made statements that seem to come astonishingly close to declaring that the redemption of the Jewish people will occur during the present month of Nissan! Yiddishkeit.Org organized the recent video's of multiple gedolim (major rabbi's) speaking of the imminent coming of the geulah, click here.

Rabbi Teichtal zt"l, may Hashem avenge his blood, wrote, "The Midrash on the verse, 'Who is this that gazes down like the dawn', agrees with this principle: 'This is how the redemption of Israel sprouts forth, at first it comes little by little" ... this idea is also found in the Zohar ... 'When the Holy One Blessed be He elevates them and takes them out of exile, He will open for them a very minute orifice of light. Afterwards, He will open a slightly larger opening, until the Holy One Blessed be He will open for them the heavenly gates which are open to the four corners of the world' ... The light of Israel illuminates little by little, until they (Israel) gain strength, and the Holy One Blessed be He will shine (His) light upon them forever.

Rabbi Techtal wrote this before the creation of the state of Israel:

A hymn (piyut) which we recite on the second Shabbos (Sabbath, Friday night to Saturday night) after Pesach (Passover) states, "The third keitz (reckoned time for the coming of the redeemer) of Daniel (the biblical prophet) has been crowned, and the fourth keitz is concealed from all eyes." (Sifrei Zuta cited in Yalkut Shimoni)

Thus, there will be a 3rd and a 4th keitz. The third will occur in the matter stated above, with the permission of the rulers of the nations.
(My comment, the creation of the state of Israel.) This will serve as a preparation for the fourth keitz, which is concealed from all eyes.

This also appears in the Zohar on parashat Pinchas: "There will eventually be 4 redemptions, corresponding to the 4 cups of Pesach (at the Passover seder, ritual meal, 4 cups of wine are consumed).

The Midrash states:

When the Holy One Blessed be He reveals His Shechinah (divine presence) to Israel, He will not reveal it all at once. For if He would reveal all of His goodness at once, everyone would die, because they cannot tolerate [so much] good. Therefore, He reveals Himself little by little. (Tanchuma, Devarim 1)

Perhaps the redemption has begun but for those of us not worthy it is still concealed from our eyes. If so, we dance for joy at the arrival of the start of that great day, trusting in our holy gedolim even though we do not see it. And, G-d forbid!, if not, we dance for joy at the opportunity to do more mitzvot with Hashem until that great day.



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