Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Are we getting HYSTERICAL?????

In the next few posts, as the last one, I'm going to be showing more and more signs that the Geulah may be here!!!! THIS IS VERY EXCITING! BARUCH HASHEM! (Blessed is G-d) BARUCH HABA! (Blessed is he who comes!)

R. Yess reminds us...

Messianic hysteria is a very potent matter. In the past history of the Jewish people there have been quite a few periods of time when many Rabbis were convinced and certain that End of Days had arrived. Jews sold their houses, danced in the streets, boarded ships to the Holy Land as their Gentile neighbors tried to figure out what all the fuss was about. There was a lot of embarrassment that ensued. (my words - if not the complete collapse of people's lives)
The fact that past, recent and present world events are lined up and congruent with Judaism’s End of Days Prophecies is splattered all across the pages of our website. And as I have stated on many occasions in prior emails the fact that Rabbi Schneerson, a true and Proven Prophet of our days, stated as clear and certain Prophecy that “The time for your Redemption has arrived” is nothing less than the highest certainty threshold that Judaism affords.

In spite of all of the above being true, and operative, and highly relevant today and for our collective tomorrows,… we nonetheless should not throw all caution to the wind and engage in Messianic hysterics. That can be very dangerous and disruptive. No I am not throwing cold water on this entire matter trying to diminish its epochal significance and importance. Rather I am restating now what the Rebbe instructed, namely, to prepare to greet Moshiach (Judaism’s King Messiah) with an increase in matters of goodness and kindness.

We were also instructed by the Rebbe [the 7th grand rabbi of Lubavitch chassidus] to learn about Moshiach from all classical Jewish Sacred Sources on this topic as well as Rabbi Schneerson’s Discourses on this topic. Here would be a good starting point:-
Click here.

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