Friday, May 20, 2005

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Anti-Disengagement Police Violence

With regret, I feel it's necessary to propagate messages of Israeli police and judicial inappropriate reactions to anti-disengagement protests:

Israpundit reports:

We did not lay on the road. I took on myself the task of distributing stickers with the message: People of Israel are with Gush Katif.

Policemen apparently did not want to deal with the elderly women. They approached me and asked me to stand aside. I followed their order. Then they asked me to get into their car, transferred me to the Police station. After police interrogation (that included threats, ridicule, etc. but this is another story), I was put in a small cell of about 1X1 m that is normally used for visitor communication with jailed inmates. I spent there several hours. Then at night I was transferred to the Maasiyahu jail. The policemen who transferred explained to me that distributing stickers is against the law!

Full article here.
And this...

When we got home we found that one of our neighbor's kids (14 years old) had been arresting for walking across the street against a red light at the junction that we were at. He is still in jail after two days. It is mind boggling.
My daughter is a Student at a school a block away from the rally on Bar Ilan St. in Sanhedria, and so she found herself in the midst of it, though she had previously been shielded from the whole issue and controversy by her school.

She called me in a state of shock from the Rally just a few minutes ago upon witnessing the Police Brutality against the protestors.
Police were pushing people violently back, throwing children and women to the ground and then stepping on them and kicking them. A few Rabbis in particular, those who were "Hareidi" - hasidic in appearance - were singled out and thrown to the ground and beaten.

She could not believe the level of brutal physical violence she was seeing the Israeli police perpetrate against their fellow Jews. She asked me crying over the phone how what she was seeing could be possible.

She naively asked me if I was seeing the scene on Television, as she assumed that such a remarkable event was being covered in the media.

Full article here.

(Save Gush Katif! One way to help is here: click here.)


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