Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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Mitzvah Gedolah Le'Ot B'Simcha, Le'Ot B'Simcha Tamid
It's a Mitzvah to be Happy, to be Happy at All Times
(in the mitzvot of Hashem) - Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


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Farbrengen Nigun (hassidic get-together melody) - Nye Zhuritzi Shlopzti

Recorded at a recent farbrengen (hassidic gathering), this is one of the liveliest nigunim sung by Chabad hassidim. The nigun is based on a Russian song which describes the happiness of the wagoneers as they think about the approaching stop at the tavern where they will have vodka.

The nigun was sung by the hassidim of the Mittler Rebbe of Chabad (2nd grand rabbi of Chabad hassidim). As explained by the Rebbes (grand rabbi's) of Chabad, it alludes to the study and prayer "pit-stops" that everyone needs to make on their journey through life. Without the "taverns" where one can refresh one's soul, it is impossible to instill happiness in the journey.

If the Geulah, the redemption, is here, we sing for joy at the coming moment, and if not (G-d forbid!), we sing for the opportunity to do more mitzvot with Hashem until that great day.


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