Friday, April 29, 2005

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Recommended Links Change: Visit, Goodbye, Avoid

I've made a few changes to my recommended links, that's the list to the right that says Interesting Links & Blogs, you may have to scroll down a bit to see it, over there --->>>

MOChassid, an interesting voice in the Jewish Blogosphere ["The rambling thoughts of a Modern Orthodox Chassid (whatever that means)], is departing from blogging. We wish him well in is new occupation (which will prevent future blogging). As he won't be posting, I've removed him from the links.

Yeranen Yaakov is a nice blog to visit and has joined my Jewish links section. Check it out.

A link I carried that was a blog of interesting news commentary with some offbeat humor and taste went over the edge (way over) with some very inappropriate links. They've been removed from my list. (Not even mentioning it's name anymore.)

Cross Currents, a Jewish group blog, has been dropped from my list. I just don't find the tone of conversation appealing.

Finally, Hirhurim is a very popular Halacha (Jewish law) blog, has joined my Jewish Oriented list, with the author blogging about many hot halachic topics of the day. As he says, it's only for insight and discussion, not for ruling and religious action. Highly recommended.


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