Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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Not the mystical path...

This is not the mystical path, it's the management illusion...

All information stored, transmitted, received, or contained in (this business's systems is (this business's) sole property and may be accessed and decrypted by (this business) at any time and may be disclosed to appropriate third parties. [There is an eye that see's and an ear that hears, and the company listen's too.]

Greg- I don't know why pushing out the date would be an issue. Only possibility would be resources, but that is minor.

Akiva- I think we need a meeting to plan a meeting to discuss the plan for moving the date, and then synchronizing on the plan in a meeting.

Greg- Do you have an approved purchase order for that? Or an approved process ticket?

Akiva- I'll file a meeting plan request and request approval of the request through the approvers. But I'll have to have a meeting for that.

Greg- Well get it scheduled then. What's the problem?

Akiva- I don't know, I think you better plan a meeting to approve the synchronization of the date with your management. Because if it's not on the management status report, then it hasn't happened. And it can't get on the management status report without having a happening meeting, which only occurs for things that are on the management status report.

Greg- Seriously - their concern was that we did not make this clear enough when it first came up. In other words, you didn't jump up and down and say "the go live date is no good becase..." They may be concerned that other dates have not "sunk in."

Akiva- Are we managing the process or managing meeting the objective and results? Don't answer that, I know the answer from the time spent on this issue versus actual problems raised and brushed off.

Greg- :)

Akiva- Don't ask "did we solve the problem, issue #x?", ask "did we obtain issue closure by the committed closure date?"

The modern world takes us farther and farther away from tangibles. Should we be surprised it's difficult to see the influences of the Creator when we're surrounded by illusions on a daily basis? TV, movies, political correctness and management speak.

Strive to find the truth through the illusions.


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