Thursday, April 28, 2005

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More on the Sandlar.

MatzahNacho from Destination Jerusalem commented:

Not sure where to put this comment, so here seems as good a place as any, since it's End of Days related. I was just over at the site with the "Mashiach letter" and they've added something after the letter with more info on the "Sandlar." It's not on the English site so I did my best to decipher the added section, and it seems to say that a student of the Gaon of Vilna told a story in which a "Sandlar" declares the coming of Mashiach?

Here's a quick translation of what they added:

It's written in the sefer Additions of Creation:

There's the well known story from Rav Chaim MiVolozhin (name updated, thanks Yaak), a student of the Vilna Gaon, that the Sandlar (the shoemaker) is the one that tells the coming of Moshiach and there it describes the geula (redemption). It says:

"And there I hear a voice from the street, I put my head out the window and I see Eli the Shoemaker running excited. 'What happened Eli? What happened to the light of the sun? Why are the birds singing so loudly? Why are all the trees suddenly blooming?' The shoemaker responded 'Don't you know rebbe?' The shoemaker gave me a look at said, 'Moshiach came'"


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