Friday, April 15, 2005

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Maybe, just maybe. Really.

It's getting weird. When the blog titled "Mystical" says it's getting weird, when the kabbalah blog says it's weird, take my word for it, it's weird. As with everything sourced on the Internet, take the below with an appropriate grain of salt (skepticism). However, what has my attention is not any individual item but rather the independent items coming together...

  • ErevMoshiach is a site about a child prophet (Jewish, spouting passages from Zohar). Odd, off the wall, but not completely out of reach. The latest from the prophet says: "Every Jew will "feel the geulah" (redemption) at the Passover seder (festive meal). Eli told us "Be sure to tell them why – because Pesach is the first geulah." This feeling of the redemption will be different than anything we have ever felt before. Even Jews who are not at a seder will feel it "from someone else's seder". This "feeling of redemption" will only be felt at the seder meals and the customary "Moshiach Seudah" on the final day of Pesach." More here.

  • There is a recent video of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the former chief Sefardic Rabbi of Israel, renouned saintly religious scholar and outspoken community leader, where he says: "All the talk about disengagement from Gush Katif is only temporary. Immediately (tekef umiyad) Moshiach will come!! He is already at our gates! Very shortly he will knock on the door: "I am coming!". Video here.

  • This one is a little older (about 6 months), the statement from Rabbi Kaduri, leading world kabbalist, saint and scholar, "After the Sharon government (current Israeli administration), the Moshiach will come" -- so foresees the Tzaddik, the G-dly Harav Yitzchok Kaduri, shlita. His words were reported in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot.

    In the words of the Rav, the Moshiach is already in the Holy Land, and will reveal himself in the future at the moment that is set for him. The Rav revealed to his students that according to calculations of the Vilna Gaon, the war of Gog and Magog began about [three] years ago (on Hoshana Raba), and will continue for seven years. During this time, every moment is suited for the Moshiach to reveal himself. (The American War on Terror began on Hoshana Raba when the Americans went into Afghanistan.)

  • This one is brand new: (source here, hebrew)

    A letter that was received from "HaSandlar" (the shoemaker) from Jerusalem, that claims that he received a personal message from MESHIAH-TZIDKENU (The Messiah), and asks to publish and distribute this letter on the net (the details are reserved in the management, date published: Nissan 5 April 13th).

    "BeSiyata Deshmaya

    There are two layers: a material (GASHMI) layer, and a spiritual layer.

    This world is material (GASHMI), but in parallel to it, there is a spiritual world.

    Everything that happens in the spiritual world, affects the material world.

    There are KLIPOS ("peels"), our enemies, the "other-side" (SITRA-AH'RA), that grasps us and gives us sorrow, mentally, spiritually and materially.

    Anyone with spiritual eyes sees what's happening in heavens. Those with material eyes see what's happening in this world. And the true TZADIKIM (righteous), the simple people who are aware of their own SHIFLUS, and lend a hand for every Jew no matter who, see also what's happening in the "World of KLIPOS ("peels")", down and below, due to their support identification with all Jews.

    And your servant is the first to announce with great joy, with the help of HaShem, that in the low world, "KLIPOS world", down and below, in fifty gates of TUM'AA (impurity), all the roots of all the KLIPOS have been felled, and soon we will see, with the help of HaShem, the GEULA (redemption) that we are anticipating, a final GEULA (redemption) with the Messiah son of David, without any losses to any son-of-Israel wherever he is!!!

    And in simple words, that arrive with the help of HaShem from a simple man as myself: "In Nissan they were delivered - and in Nissan they will be delivered" - earthquakes, volcanoes' eruptions, land being wiped out, and whole countries being left without remains, and all of this without any son-of-Israel being hurt!!!

    All this will happen within a few days from publishing this letter, and all of the important enormous events mentioned will last no more than three days!

    The most important MITZVA (commandment) right now, my brothers and friends, is to be rejoiced with the SIMHA of HaShem, who is delivering us now a final GEULA (redpemption), Amen !!!

    The Messiah is coming! What about you?"

  • The End of Days blog says (and includes a video), "Rav Mordechai Eliyahu (former chief sephardic rabbi of Israel, renowned scholar and saint) has introduced a Tzaddik (a hidden saint) to the world who has informed us that the Geulah will begin during this Holy month." Here's the video (hebrew).

  • Rabbi Lazer Brody, of the well known Reb Lazer's Shtibble / Lazer Beams blog, spoke on the radio (Arutz 7) on Tuesday. I had an opportunity to call in and ask him about the current situation. His analysis was quite profound and I strongly recommend listening to it. Click here, forward to 42 minutes 40 seconds. He specifically mentioned that this time (i.e. end times) is discussed by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (the first and only grand rabbi of Breslov hassidus) in Sichot HaRan 35 Lamed Hey, as a battle between believers and non-believers. (Which is exactly how I interpret the current situation in Israel, which I will write about in another post).

  • A quote, "From the second half of Adar, many TZADIKIM in the Jewish world, including the head of the Kabbalistic Yeshiva "Nahar Shalom", Rabbi Bnayahu Shmueli, and many rabbis and TZADIKIM all over Israel and in the Golah, are saying that the Messiah will come undoubtly in Nissan (April 10 - May 8) this year!". It's lower (small print) on this page here, though I've seen this other places as well.

  • It's not usual for major Jewish rabbinical figures to start standing up and pronouncing redemption. It's not normal for them to start introducing hidden tzaddikim (saints) with messages. It's not normal for them to start receiving messages and not speaking out against falsehood.

    If one had stood up I'd discount it. I also don't hear any major rabbinical authority speaking against it.

    It's got my attention.


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