Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Jenin: Anniversary

...It is actions like this that allow the noted legal expert Alan Dershowitz to state confidently that "no country in history ever complied with a higher standard of human rights."

To far too many people, such a statement may seem shocking. In the last few years, Israel has been portrayed, and therefore perceived, as a brutal occupying power that represses Palestinians. The fact that this perception, often fueled by graphic television images with little context, is not true does not make it less real to the people who hold it.

The difference between the world perception and the reality of what happened in Jenin is so stark it's to the point of calling black white and day night.

As For Israel and Justice said, read this article and be wiser.

FrontPage - Jenin: Anniversary of a Battle by Natan Sharansky

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