Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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The Face of the Dog?

End of Days Blog: The Face of the Dog

Acording to Rav M. Eliyahu there will be miracles this summer if the Gaza uprooting is not stopped by natural means. G-d is as pleased as if we had offered up our own Korban Pesach. The Likud rank-in-file spit in the face of world public opinion, and like God's Dog, Kalev ben Yefunah, the mitpakdim (Likud rank and file) said that they did not want to become mitnatkim (disengagers from Gaza). By the way, the name Kalev Ben Yefunah has the exact same letters as Pnai Hakelev. When he prayed in Chevron he was not just requesting from G-d to be protected from the evil council of the majority of his fellow spies. I am sure he was praying for our generation, the Calev ben Yephunah generation ( Pnai HaKelev generation.)...

In this vein, I believe much will be required of American Jews this summer to prevent this Gaza atrocity, for unlike those of us who live here, you have not yet offered up your Korban Pesach to repair the damage done by the sin of the spies. I do not know whether there will be open miracles or only hidden miracles before G-d redeems the Jews of Gush Katif this summer. I do not know what great spiritual awakening we will experience at the Pesach Seder, or if we will be uplifted in a natural way during the Counting of the Omer. I do sense though that our Avodah (service to G-d) regarding this issue has not yet been completed.

End of Days Blog: The Face of the Dog


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