Monday, April 18, 2005

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Even More! ... and a Sanity Check

The exceptional imminent geulah (complete redemption) statements keep piling up. (Original posts on the topic here and here.)

My original post had this statement, "From the second half of Adar, many TZADIKIM in the Jewish world, including the head of the Kabbalistic Yeshiva "Nahar Shalom", Rabbi Bnayahu Shmueli, and many rabbis and TZADIKIM all over Israel and in the Golah, are saying that the Messiah will come undoubtly in Nissan (April 10 - May 8) this year!". This video is now available of the statement. (Note it's in Hebrew.)

The Erev Moshiach site (here) is now carrying this quote from Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahi, former chief Sefardic Rabbi of Israel, renouned saintly religious scholar and leader:

"all of us will have the privilege to see the Moshiach eye-to-eye really soon."

"It is explained according to kabbalah -- the death of this Pope is the outcome of the destruction of one of the strongest klipos (shells), its strength is gone, and it died. From here the way to the redemption, according to the same source, is very short, since after the fall of this klipa, it is much easier to the rest of the klipos."

Now for a sanity check. I ran this load of evidence past some respected rabbi's and got this important response...

Moshiach's (the messiah's) arrival should indeed be perceived as an actuality that can indeed happen this very moment...and more importantly that we should embrace that expectation as a part of our daily emunah (faith) in his arrival....and while I indeed embrace that Teaching....I am paradoxically also concerned about what I call Messianic hysterics.

Such prior hysterics have caused Jews to sell their homes and dance in the streets to only be devastated later upon realizing that something went wrong with their expectations/calculations.

I say this not to throw cold waters of doubt on such justified expectations but rather to keep real sober in light of the ... Prophecy which beyond question will manifest...and, as I believe, will manifest soon.

As of Jerusalem time it has now been three days. We are still in golus (exile) and the "earthquakes, volcanoes' eruptions, land being wiped out, and whole countries being left without remains, and all of this without any son-of-Israel being hurt!!!" has not (as of yet) occurred as forecasted at that Daniel website. Noch a ketz (another messianic arrival prediction) that came and went.

Our minds are torn between emunah (faith) in an immediate revelation of Moshiach (certainly a valid and proper belief and actual possibility) and the cold intellect approach of there having to be the occurrance of all the horrors foretold in Novi (biblical prophets)...including Jerusalem being attacked, a slaughter in Basra, etc.
But as of this Motzoi Shabbos (Saturday night) I still have a little more waiting to do before justified belief becomes transformed...

For that reason I must maintain real sober credulity and not get into hysterics.

Good point. Hope, excitement, increased focus on good deeds, charity, mitzvot, but don't overload and turn life upside down just yet.


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