Thursday, April 14, 2005

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End of Days - Do you believe this?

An interview with Rabbi Winston of ThirtySix.Org (from 2004 but even more relevent to right now):

INTERVIEWER: Do you really believe in all of this?

RABBI WINSTON: In all of what?

I: Well, all of the material that you put up on your site about the End-of-Days? Do you really believe that what is going on today in history is really a message from God that history is coming to an end, so we better get packing?

RW: The truth is, I do. If you're asking me do I believe it 100 percent, I have to say that, judging me the way I live my life, I believe it about 90 percent, maybe 85 percent.

I: What's the difference? How do you gage such a thing?

RW: Well, imagine that someone told you today that at 3 PM the stock market was going to crash. And you owned plenty of stock. If you didn't believe the person you? simply laugh it off and ignore it. If you believed about 40 percent, you'd call your broken and ask him if he has heard anything. If you believed about 80 percent, you'd probably sell off a lot of stock, but if you believed him 100 percent, you'd probably sell everything on the spot and go out and buy as many canned goods as possible.

I: So, you mean you haven't bought your canned goods yet?

RW: Not lately. The last time we did it we worried about gas attacks from Iraq. But since then, we have eaten all the surplus, and haven? replaced it yet. If I was fully real with what I know and suspect, I'd probably replenish my sources, and fast.

I: Are things really that bad? The situation is tense, but there is no war raging yet. Anti-Semitism has certainly increased to alarming levels, but the average American Jew still feels quite at home.

RW: They did in Spain to, before the Inquisition. And they certainly did in Europe before the Holocaust . . .

I: But do you really believe that something like the Holocaust could ever happen in America?

RW: God forbid. I wish I could answer that question 100 percent, either way. But I can't, and who can? When we said, "Never again, and never in America," we never anticipated so many Moslems living right next door in America, or that the world would ever become so sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, willing to scrap historical truth for political necessity. Besides, anti-Semitism is not a natural occurrence, as the Talmud teaches and history have proven countless times. That's why we have difficulty recognizing it until late, and why it doesn't respond to the normal methods employed to end most hatreds. It seems to defy human logic.

I: As opposed to Divine logic?

RW: As opposed to Torah logic.

I: Which is?

RW: It is a master plan for Creation. It is a timetable for that master plan. Man wakes up daily and goes to work, doing his own thing, oblivious to a supernal undercurrent to history that has been flowing since God first said "Bereishis," and will continue until the end of history, and beyond for that matter. When things happen that shock us, it is because they didn? fit into our timetable and plan for Creation. But they had to happen exactly when they did and as they did, according to the master plan for Creation.

I: So you mean that Mel Gibson's new movie is not a random thing?

RW: How can it be? King David said, "This is from G-d, that which is wondrous in our eyes." From what I hear and read, this movie is a wondrous thing, coming out at this very touchy period of history. A Jew lover would say, "You know, anti-Semitism seems to be in a back swing. Maybe a movie about a story that has been the source of the worst anti-Semitism in history, cause an uncountable amount of Jewish deaths in the most cruel ways possible isn? appropriate, certainly not at this time." Forget a Jew lover! Just someone who loves mankind and peace in the world. Why such a topic today? Why such controversy. It is as if Divine Providence gave this man all his success just so he could stir up all of mankind at this end of history . . . A week before the movie is supposed to come out, sold out before it has hit the screen, his own father comes out and publicly denies the death of 6,000,000 Jews at the hands of the Nazis. And, does the son denounce his father? Absurd. It is so absurd it can only be direct Divine Providence.

I: Can a single movie make such a difference to the world?

RW: At the right time, and about the right topic, always. People either forget or don't know that Hitler and his gang of murderous thugs were a minority of a minority. But he created a vehicle to capture the imagination of the masses at the right time of history. And he did it. And he wiped out half of the Jewish people in five short years.

I: So what do you think the message is?

RW: (Pause.) I'm biased.

I: Everyone is. What is your bias?

RW: There is a rule about Divine Providence. Everything God does He does with purpose. And He never misses. He is the perfect archer. His aim is impeccable, which means that whatever effects occur in history, He meant for them to happen.

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