Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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Burning Chametz

On the 14th of Nisan, in the 5th hour of the day, one should make a special fire and burn the chametz (leavened products)...

04-26a-- 109 04-26a-- 156

May it be Your will, G-d, our God and God of our fathers that just as I remove the chametz (leavened products) from my house and from possession, so shall You remove all the extraneous forces. Remove the spirit of impurity from the earth, remove our evil inclination from us, and grant us a heart of flesh to serve You in truth. Make all the sitra achara (outside spirit), all the kelipot (excluding barriers), and all wickedness be consumed in smoke, and remove the dominion of evil from earth. Remove with a spirit of destruction and a spirit of judgement all that distress the Shechinah (G-dly presense that extends to this world), just as You destroyed Egypt and its idols in those days, at this time. Amen, Selah.


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