Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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Wake Up!

I've been a bit sidetracked from where I was going today. In the News was a small but very disturbing article. It was in fact a renforcement of an incident I had on way to visiting the U.S.

I went to the U.S. consulate in East Jerusalem to renew my U.S. passport. I was asked for my Israeli ID (first time ever, and very odd as U.S. citizen services don't recognize foreign papers) to see where I lived. Seeing I'm from the Shomron (West Bank) I was very politely informed that soon citizen services (such as passport renewal) to Americans (though implied specifically American Jews) who live in the 'Occupied Territories' would be cut. I asked to see the citizen services manager, who performed quite a bit of back peddling, and said that this is pending State Department policy and was not to be said as of yet.

I was, however, informed that I could only renew my U.S. passport in the continental U.S. or via the continental U.S., as all passport making equipment has been removed from overseas (via meaning the consulate forwards the request to Washington, who then forwards back the completed passport, at which point you return to the consulate to get your passport, which takes up to 2 months).

I'm not the only one, I met others on existing, also from Yesha (the West Bank) who were protesting these type of changes (U.S. citizen services discrimination against American Jewish citizens who live in areas that the State Department has declared politically incorrect.)

Today in the news I see that Canada is recalling the passports of Canadian citizens (specifically Jews) who where born in Jerusalem to remove the word Israel from their documenation (which states place-of-birth).

This disconection of Jerusalem from Israel or vice versa is a grave error, but this reminds me of Tehillim (Psalms) 2: "Why do the nations gather in rage, and why do the peoples scheme in vain, why do the kings of the earth rise up, rulers assemble against the L-rd and against his annointed".

All this brings me back to my question, "Where are you!" Ask your self? This alone should be motivation enough! And if not, maybe this will be: "and now therefore you kings, be wise, draw a lesson, you rulers of the earth; serve the L-rd in awe and rejoice with trembling. Yearn to purify yourselves (your heart) lest He be angered and you perish on the way, even if His wrath will blaze only but for a brief monent. Happy are we all who place our trust in Him."

"Modei Ani"

Wake up and say with full heart: "Henayni" Here I am!


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