Thursday, March 03, 2005

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Vendyl Jones: History is Prophecy! 2005 is The Year! See the Pattern!

Vendyl Jones writes about the historical pattern of events around Israel, which he predicts will repeat in 2005!

(A previous post about Vendyl Jones and his finding items from the First Beit HaMikdash (Jewish Holy Temple) here, and his web site and additional info here.)

This is an excerpt from a pamphet he publishes titled "Vendyl Jones and The Dead Sea Scrolls", which can be ordered by calling his research institute at contact info here. Also note on his web site a new book on the topic coming out this month, click here.


Several weeks ago on Pal Talk, I related how that I had published a paper in 1959 stating that the then "Undeveloped Jewish Stale of Israel" would be­come a fully recognized Nation in 1961 and sit at the Table of Nations in the U.N. There would be a war in Israel in 1967 between Passover and Sha-vuot —— probably on or about Lag-B-Omer the 33 day between Passover and Shavuot. (fifty days af­ter Passover). The Adolph Eichman Trial brought Israel to the Table of the Nations in 1961, which was Israel's Bar-Mitzvah of years at the age of 13.

The 20th year of Israel as a "Man of War", Num­bers 1:3 "From 20 years old and upward, all that are able to go to war in Israel, Aaron shall num­ber them by their armies. Therefore, I calculated that May 14, 1967 would be the year of "The War of Liberation ". It was exactly on that day that Nasser moved his Egyptian Forces into the Sinai that resulted in the Six Days War.

Calculated on the concept that "If History repeals itself —— then History itself is Prophecy!". Israel is different from all other nations in many, many ways. The greatest difference between Israel and all other nations is that Israel is the only Nation whose History was written before it happened! Accordingly, I took the pivotal time sequence of events and years of Israel's First Commonwealth and conjectured them over the Third Commonwealth and the repetition of events were, and con­tinue to be astonishing! There was one thing that I missed in my observations and our friend of many years, Miriam Ben Ya'acov, filled in the gap be­tween 1967 and the year 2005.

This specific year, 2005 intercalates perfectly with Miriam Ben Ya'acov's insight on the 38 years of wilderness wandering.

Two years after the Exodus in 2448 (1312 B.C.E.), the Torah had been given at Mount Sinai and the Tabernacle finished. Israel arrives at Kedesh Barnea in the year 2450.

G-D commanded Israel to go into the Land of Ca­naan and to take it. The enemies would flee and they could take the land without having to fight for it. Conversely, when the spies brought back an evil report and caused the people to fear. Any vacancy of the fear of G-D in the hearts of men will in­stantly filled by the fear of man.

G-d, therefore sentenced Israel to wander in the wilderness for 38 years. During those 38 years of the wilderness wandering, they were under con­stant attacks by the terrorist of Amalek, who mer­cilessly and constantly murdered the elderly, the women and the children. Furthermore, the sur­rounding nations at that time did not care how many Jews the Amalek terrorist killed!

At the end of those 38 years wandering, they crossed the Jordan in the 10th day of the month (April 1st) in 2489 (1271 BCE) and camped at Gilgal. Now, this time they had to fight to liberate the Land of the Hebrews from the insurgent Canaanites.

In the reoccurrence of Israel's Third Common­wealth, the 1967 Six Days War was a replay of the experience of Kedesh Barnea! If Israel had gone in and occupied the land in 1967 the enemies would have fled as they fled in 1948.

On the contrary, because of the evil reports of Moshe Dayan, Motti Gur and Golda Meir and other Labor Party Leaders who have no fear of G-D! And because of the totally empty vacancy of the fear of G-D in the hearts of the Socialist Labor Party leaders, their hearts were filled with the "the fear of world opinion".

They made the exact same mistake as their ances­tors at Kedesh Barnea. Therefore, it is no wonder, that Israel has been forced to wander for these 38 years under constant attacks from the very same Amalek Terrorist. The year 2005, will be 38 years form 1967! Is it again time to return to Gilgal?

On that year , and on that date April 1st 2005, we believe that the Tabernacle will be returned to Gilgal! We found the Holy Anointing Oil on April 1 1998. We found the Holy Incense on April 1st 1992. We found Gilgal on April 1st, 1994. Is this perhaps G-D'S "April Fool's Joke on the world?"


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