Tuesday, March 08, 2005

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Solar versus Lunar Cycles

A nice article from Arutz Sheva on the lunar cycle versus the solar cycle, in people and Kabbalah...

A young scholar from New York was invited to become the rabbi of a small old Chicago community. On his very first Sabbath, a hot debate erupted as to whether one should or should not stand during the reading of the Ten Commandments.

The next day, the rabbi visited 98-year-old Mr. Katz in the nursing home.

"Mr. Katz, I'm asking you, as the oldest member of the community," said the rabbi, "what is our synagogue's custom during the reading of the Ten Commandments?"

"Why do you ask?" asked Mr. Katz.

"Yesterday, we read the Ten Commandments. Some people stood, some people sat. The ones standing started screaming at the ones sitting, telling them to stand up. The ones sitting started screaming at the ones standing, telling them to sit down."

"That," said the old man, "is our custom."

Sun People and Moon People

Some of my teen-age students are stable, firm and consistent. What was yesterday will be tomorrow. They are in control of their schedules, patterns and interactions. They can be defined as sun-characters. As sure as tomorrow's sunrise, I am sure to encounter them tomorrow in the same mode I encountered them today. They shine today and they will shine again tomorrow.

Others are moon-personalities. Some days they shine beautifully, illuminating us with their warm glow and soulful mystique. Yet, at other times, they become invisible. Sometimes I gaze at them and I see light; at other times I look at them and I encounter darkness.

These are the moon people - those human beings whose psychological, moral and spiritual selves fluctuate continuously. Like the moon, at some point in the month they are well-rounded, wholesome and marvelous to look at. They generate light and warmth to their environment. At other times they are half-lit, half-inspired, half-involved in life. There are times when their light is thin and miniscule, barely seen and appreciated. And at some point during the month, they enter into the "dark haze", disappearing from the horizon completely, offering not a trace of light, not a glimmer of hope.

Which one of these two personalities would you prefer to be? And if you are frustrated with your "moon" personality, should you strive to become a "sun", or should you just resign to your unstable moon-condition?

Nice article (a bit complex on the calendar calculations). Full article, click here.


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