Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Schiavo - Moral Value of a Nation

From Blue-Eyed Infidel (warning, graphic language on this link):

"Dear Terri Schiavo,
Die already, vegetable.
The Supreme Court of the United States"

Meanwhile, the young woman's skin is cracking, her lips are peeling away, her nose is bleeding, her eyes are sunken in. Her brother says she looks like a concentration camp prisoner.

Because apparently we live in a G.D.-(censored) BARBARIC society that allows innocent people to be starved to death - because the machines say there is no brain activity - although at the same time, because we are demonstrably batshit insane, we would collectively freak out if it were announced that from now on, death row inmates were to be killed in a way that caused any pain whatsoever beyond the prick of an IV needle. Because that would be 'cruel'.

It is absolutely f-(censored) confounding.

How do you measure the moral value of a nation? How many go to church/synogogue? How much charity is given?

When things such as this have reached the U.S. Supreme Court and it fails to act for justice, we see (unfortunately) the true moral value of a nation.


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