Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Politically Correct vs Morally Correct

There is a point, a line if it were, of no return. Hashem says he withholds His judgment and provides mercy till this point. This point is called the pervertion of justice. Once crossing this line there is no return. It is there to provide us a chance to do t'shuva (repentance). But once we cross this line there is no hope of return. We see an example of this in Berayshis (Genesis) when we read the statement 'the fullness of the sin of the Amorite is not full or reach it fullness...'

And now Am-Recha(a play on the name America) which literally means an empty or naked nation. a nation who's sole historical value was to provide a haven for justice has now turned it's back on this and crossed the line.

Of course, I refer to the Terry Schiavo case. The American courts, all of them, from the lowest to the Supreme Court itself, have decided that's it's ok to starve to death this poor woman. Thus a precedent is set, no mercy.

Hashem says He hears the call of the widowed, the orphan, the poor. This woman is for sure one of these cases. He hears and, I'm sure, judgment is to follow. And America heads towards it's destiny.

He will remember this when they come for us in the our land, Israel, for as they do to themselves they shall surely do to us! This is a nation that is not a nation, a nation that our father's knew not. One who's sole existence was to provide a haven to His people and was founded for and on justice. Now they act as did Sodom. What mercy will be there for the righteous, for the Jews, when it becomes politically correct to rid itself of the inconvenient?

Today I read an article "Throw them out like dogs". It described how the Jews of northern Shomron (northern West Bank towns) will be cast out of their homes and left on the street or jailed.

The Mishna in Sotah, the 9th chapter, describes these times right before the coming of Moshiach (the righteous redeemer). "Children will rebel..." but then speaks of the Galilee, Gavlan, and the border areas in Israel. What it says of these areas is that the homeless of the Stachim (this frontier) will wander without anyone to show them mercy or to help them.

Are we seeing this now about to happen? (G-d forbid!)

As it's now politically correct to throw Jews out of their homes in Israel, what is the message to the world? If it's ok in Israel, why isn't it ok in Kansas, Kiev, London, and Paris (oh wait, it's already happening there, with Jews being attacked daily).

We are the sons and daughters of Avraham (Abraham), Yitzchok (Issac), and Yaakov (Jacob). We have a spiritual inheritance, an ancentral moral basis.

If we ourselves say to the world that this type of action is morally acceptable (and politically correct), how can we complain when they agree and do the same.


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