Monday, March 07, 2005

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News: Atheism in decline worldwide

From (article here)...

There seems to be a growing consensus around the globe that godlessness is in trouble.

"Atheism as a theoretical position is in decline worldwide," Munich theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg told United Press International Tuesday.

His Oxford colleague Alister McGrath agrees. Atheism's "future seems increasingly to lie in the private beliefs of individuals rather than in the great public domain it once regarded as its habitat," he wrote in the U.S. magazine, Xianity Today.

Two developments are plaguing atheism these days. One is that it appears to be losing its scientific underpinnings. The other is the historical experience of hundreds of millions of people worldwide that atheists are in no position to claim the moral high ground.

This would, in most religious communities of whatever type, be considered a good thing, except...

Zulehner cautions, however, that in the rest of Europe re-Xion is by no means occurring. "What we are observing instead is a re-paganization," he went on, and this worries Xian theologians such as Munich's Pannenberg and the Rev. Gerald McDermott, an Piscopal priest and professor of religion and philosophy at Roanoke College in Salem, Va.

For although in every major European city except Paris spirituality is booming, according to Zulehner, this only proves the emergence of a diffuse belief system, Pannenberg said, but not the revitalization of traditional Xian religious faith.

Observing a similar phenomenon in the United States, McDermott stated that the "rise of all sorts of paganism is creating a false spirituality that proves to be a more dangerous rival to the Xian faith than atheism."

After all, a Stanist is also "spiritual."

Hmm, re-paganization? Rather odd, have to consider it in context of the various propetical writings previously presented on this blog.


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