Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Annoyance and Inconvenience

How do we deal with annoyances, all those little inconveniences? Do we act as a child and get upset when the world doesn't meet our expectations? Stamp our feet and huff in frustration? Do we sit and cry? Do we get angry (at what, the world?)

My 6-year son sat and huffed this morning, "Momma, I can't find my tzitzis (ritual fringed garment)".
My 5-year old daughter cried, "Momma, I can't find a blouse."
My 13-year old daughter (who reads this blog occasionally and is going to be very upset when she reads this) huffed, "Tatti (daddy), you said you'd print out that Torah information for me to take to school.", and then when I did, "the font is too small, too hard to read."

R. Nati and I posted a lengthy audio post last night, it didn't show up on the blog (so much for AudioBlogger). Disappointing.
Feeling bad about not having a daily post, I created another this morning (thought it was pretty good too). It also didn't show up. Annoying.

Posted a note about those not showing up, Blogger errored-out on me. Humf humf.


The Baal Shem Tov taught that a leaf doesn't turn over in the wind without it being hashgacha pratit (divine providence). Is it part of the divine plan that we all get annoyed?

Yes! We are given challenges to overcome.

Thank you, Ribbono Shel Olam (Master of the World), for this chance to overcome my natural tendencies!


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