Sunday, February 27, 2005

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The Wounded

(This article is not for the faint of heart.),

Suicide bomber Friday night killed three men and a woman and wounded more than 50 others...(news article here)

Of the more than 50 people who were wounded, 29 are still hospitalized...

What does it mean to be wounded, injured in a terrorist attack in Israel? A bomb which has sufficient power to structurally blow apart a bus and to totally destroy cars impacts the human body.

But the blast damage is not considered sufficient (by the manufacturers). So they pack an outer layer with ball bearings, screws, nuts, bolts, nails, any small metal objects they can aquire. Thousands of them.

A number of local shopkeepers administered first aid, "binding tourniquets around chopped limbs. (news article here, page 2)

To be injured in a terrorist attack in Israel means burns over 50% of your body, losing hands and feet (only fingers if your lucky, whole limbs if your not), it means being peppered with the equivelent of multiple medium-caliber gunshot wounds (multiple like 8-12).

It means months in the hospital to be rebuilt, and years of therapy to be functional. A recovery to full functionality is very unlikely.

The ratio of injured to killed is 10-20:1, meaning at if Israel has had 1,500 deaths from such attacks, there's another 22,000 permanently seriously disabled, disfigured, people who's lives have been horribly damaged.

How anyone can justify doing this to other people is beyond me.

There are many worthy organizations to help the victims and needy in Israel, I discuss my favorite here and have them listed on the right side blog toolbar (over there, maybe down or up a bit --->

Another approach is also taken here, Victims of Arab Terror web site.


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