Monday, February 21, 2005

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Thanks for the Link

I'm truly honored that some consider it worthwhile to read what I write and let it touch their thoughts. I'm especially honored that some do this regularly and even more so when they link to me (well, to this blog) from their own blogs.

For those who don't blog themselves and/or are on the less technical side of the 'net, IMHO one of the best ways to traverse the Blogosphere is following links from one blog to another. Many blogs maintain a list of other blogs which they find of interest (which I do as well, if you look right and scroll down you'll see 'Interesting Links & Blogs').

These links often lead to some very interesting places and are well worth checking out (both the list I have here and the lists other blogs maintain).

In the reverse, here are some of the blogs that I've found link to this one. I can't speak for why they find it worthwhile to do so, but I appreciate that they do:

American On Line
A Simple Jew
Barbara's Musings
Deep Blog - Portal to Great Blogs
Destination Jerusalem
Hasidic Gentile
Hasidic Rebbele
Lets Talk Politics
Snugg Harbor

I'm sure there are others that I've missed. If you link here or have any comments for improvements, please let me know. I can be emailed at the word 'akiva' followed by letter 'm' @ (at) 'gmail' followed by '.com'.

(For the less technical, the reason for writing an email address like that is because spammers, those who send junk mail, use programs to scan web sites for email addresses automatically [harvesting the 'net]. If I put the email address in normal form [such as], within 2 days I'll start receiving hundreds or thousands of email advertisements a day. The hope is that writing the address in a human-but-not-computer readable form will result in those harvesting programs not working.)


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