Monday, February 28, 2005

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Simple Faith and Ovadiah

As I wrote here, Ovadiah says...

They will inherit the South, the Mountain of Esav, and the lowlands, the (land of the) Palestinians.[28] And they will inherit the field of Ephrayim and the field of Shomron.[29] Binyamin the Land of Gilad.[30]

28. Literally 'Philistines', where the Palestinians get there name and the biblical nation located in Gaza, meaning physically Gaza. 29. These areas today are known as The West Bank, Ephrayim being the West Bank just north of Jerusalem and Shomron the West Bank north of Ariel. 30. Part of modern day Jordon, or the areas south of Jerusalem in the West Bank.

A Simple Jew's current post (Simple Faith) relates well to this:

In June 2004, David Hatuel asked the Sanzer Rebbe, Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Halberstam, whether a settlement in Gaza should construct a permanent or temporary ark for Torah scrolls dedicated in the memory of Hatuel's murdered family. The Sanzer Rebbe replied that a temporary ark should be built, not because of the planned withdrawal from Gaza, but because one day the ark will need to moved it into a larger shul once the settlement expands.


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