Sunday, February 20, 2005

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Mysticism and Holiness is not for Angels

(Paraphrased from a note to me.)

"Wow, it's almost weird to hear about your night juggling the kids while trying to deal with your son's emergency. You're human! For some reason I was starting to think you were floating around on a spiritual cloud with no problems and all the answers."

The challenge of spirituality, Judaism and Jewish Mysticism is maintaining the spiritual-religious connection while involved in the world, thereby raising up the world itself. Work, children, family, neighborhood, community, friends, less-than-friends.

It's easy to feel religious when your a monk, to feel spiritual on top of the mountain. It's truly an effort when the children are a challenge, and work is a pain, and the checking account balance is low.

But that's also when it can really make a difference.

There is no challenge, and therefore no reward, for a spiritual being's holiness, or spirituality.

It's the human, that combination of the physical, an animal, a mammal, who needs to eat, drink, sleep, be warm, be 'satisified', and the reach beyond the physical, to consider the world, to pray, to perform acts for others that don't do anything to fulfill his/her own private animal needs.

That's the challenge. With the opportunity, the effort, comes the reward.

Are there those that reach and fail? Yes.
Are there those that fail to reach? Yes, and these are the sadder case, the wasted opportunity.

There are those who look at the community who is reaching, who is trying, and point out only the failures. Look look, the community is not perfect! No, it's not, it's human, not a community of angels.


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