Monday, February 28, 2005

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More on The Wounded

Relating to my last post, The Wounded, Smooth Stone sent a link to a post of his, also about the prophet Ovadiah, that relates well...

On this sad day when more Israeli families are mourning for their dear-ones whose blood was shed by evil inhuman people, messengers of satan, I also want to say to the enemies of Israel and these evil terrorists and their allies in the world...

Read Smooth Stone's post here.

And, following his post there's a link to a related post from The Temple Mount Faithful...

Many politicians in Israel and abroad had illusions that peace could be achieved with the so-called "Palestinians". These illusions gave rise to much pressure on Israel to again give up the most holy Biblical places of the land of Israel in Judaea, Samaria and Gaza and even Biblical Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and to sign another false "peace" agreement...

Read The T.M.F.'s post here.

And lastly, if my words were not (unfortunately) graphic enough, here is a link to a video of the December '04 bus attack. WARNING - This immediate post-bombing on-the-scene video is extremely gruesome. (Link credit to comments by Yael on Smooth Stone.)

Do not stand idly by.


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