Sunday, February 06, 2005

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More on Time...

I posted a previous story about time and tzaddikim (here). On Shabbat I read this story in the same realm:

Rabbi Yaakov Edery relates:

Our family came to Eretz Yisroel (the land of Israel) a few days before Shavuos (jewish holiday that usually falls in June) 5715 (1955). My father had passed away two years earlier, and we children came with our mother a”h. The Zionists took the little children and sent them to youth camps where they took their Yiddishkeit (Judaism) away from them. The immigrants didn’t know what was awaiting them. We were all naïve, and thought that the Holy Land, the land of Avrohom, Yitzchok, and Yaakov (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), is a land of people who want only Torah and holiness. It was a tremendously dangerous time – spiritually speaking.

They didn’t succeed with my brother Moshe and me, because we stayed with our family and did not go to a youth village. This was a miracle.

We also experienced incredible Divine providence. When we arrived at the transit camp in Ashkelon (southern Israeli city), we were walking down the street when we met Rabbi Yisroel Leibov a”h. We approached him and he set my family up in Kfar Chabad (chassidic village near the city of Lod in Israel), and arranged that we go to yeshiva. We learned in Pardes, by Rabbi Yaakov Yemini and Rabbi Yosef Golani.

In our class, we had a friend by the name of Avrohom. I think he was from Beit Shaan (city in eastern Israel near the Jordan border). His father was very sick and the teacher wrote a letter to the Rebbe, in the name of the class, and asked for a bracha (blessing) for his father. For three or four weeks, there was no reply.

One day, we heard that the boy’s father had passed away, but the boy still didn’t know about this. That afternoon, a letter arrived from the Rebbe for the teacher. The Rebbe wrote a letter of consolation about the passing of the boy’s father.

In those days, the mail was very slow. A letter from the U.S. arrived only after many days. That means that the letter of consolation was written before the father passed away.


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