Thursday, February 03, 2005

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Missing Matter?

Wired News writes (Scientists Find Missing Matter)...

For years, astrophysicists have been boggled by the fact that the grand sum of all the known "normal" matter in the universe -- that which makes up the stars, the Earth and even our own bodies -- only amounts to half of what should exist based on computer simulations...

Whereas baryons (normal matter) account for 4 percent of the total matter and energy in the universe, dark matter is thought to make up 23 percent. The remaining 73 percent of the so-called matter-energy budget consists of what scientists call "dark energy." This energy acts like an anti-gravitational force that, in theory, is causing the universe to expand rather than contract.

So, according to the best scientific minds, the gravitational and motion patterns of the universe don't make sense unless there's 96% more stuff than they can identify. They take some educated guesses that there's other stuff, which since they can't see it they call dark matter and dark energy.

Hmm. More on this later.


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