Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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Interpretive Prophecy: Israel in Danger, America at Risk - Part 2

Part 1 Here.

Given the current circumstances in Israel, I find myself compelled to look to the prophets for insight. How can we understand current actions? As success is being reached by Israel against the terrorists attacking her, as America is moving strongly against terrorism, the government of Israel capitulates to the terrorist enemy under the apparent demand of the U.S.?

My reading of the prophet Ovadiah...I invite corrections from my masters and teachers and beg forgiveness for my ignorance and mistakes. I truly hope and pray that I am completely mistaken in what I am about to write.

Continuing at Ovadiah 1:12

You should not have looked on at your brother, on the day of his banishment (from his land)[18], and you should not have rejoiced at the Children of Yehudah when they were destroyed. Nor should you have spoken proudly on the day of his distress.[19] You should not have entered into the gates of My people on the day of their calamity. [20] Nor should you have gazed at his misfortune on the day of his downfall. You should not have stretched out over his possessions on the day of his calamity.[21] You should not have stood at the crossroads to cut off their fugitives, and you should not have arrested his survivors on the day of his distress.[22]

18. Translation according to Radak.
19. The day after Israel announces withdrawal from Gaza, President Bush proudly announces "Bush stated bluntly that “a state of scattered territories [for the PLO] will not work.” (me)
20. The U.S. has committed to sending CIA, State and Army personnel to train and assist the Palestinians. (me)
21. USAID has offered to assist the PA in determining usage of settlement land. (me)
22. They stood and observed which way Israel fled and passed on this information. (Ibn Ezra) Will the U.S. be assisting the Israeli government through observation in the evacuation, satellite intelligence? (me)

For G-d's day against the nations is near.[23] As you have done, so will be done to you. You will be punished in kind for your deeds. For just as you have drunk on My Holy Mount, so will all the nations drink always.[24] They will drink and go mad. They will be as if they never were.

23. When G-d will judge the nations who persecuted Israel. (Malbim)
24. Addresses the Edomites, "Just as you drank on the Temple Mount and celebrated your victory over Israel, so will all the nations who oppressed Israel drink from the cup of wrath on the day of retribution. (Rashi, Radak)

But on Mount Zion there will be deliverance. It will become holy. And the House of Yaakov[25] will possess their inheritance.

Then, the House of Yaakov will be a fire, the House of Yoseph[26] a flame, and the House of Esav[27] will be straw. They will set them alight and consume them. There will be no survivors from the House of Esav, for G-d has spoken.

25. The Jewish nation. (me)
26. Another term for the Jewish nation, different aspect. (me)
27. The enemy nations, or in particular the related semites (Arabs). (me)

They will inherit the South, the Mountain of Esav, and the lowlands, the (land of the) Palestinians.[28] And they will inherit the field of Ephrayim and the field of Shomron.[29] Binyamin the Land of Gilad.[30]

28. Literally 'Philistines', where the Palestinians get there name and the biblical nation located in Gaza, meaning physically Gaza. (me)
29. These areas today are known as The West Bank, Ephrayim being the West Bank south of Jerusalem and Shomron the West Bank north of Jerusalem. (me)
30. Part of modern day Jordon (Rashi, my geographic adjustment).

The diaspora community of Israelites that are [with the exiled] Canaanites, the Ashkenazim[31], and the exiled Jerusalemites, the Sephardim[32], will inherit the towns of the Negev.

The saviors will ascend Mount Zion to rule Mount Esav. Then, the kindom will be G-d's!

31. Radak says the Canaanites ran away in the time of Joshua to Europe, mainly Germany and France. So, the diaspora from Israel in Europe and America is 'living with the Canaanites'. Jews from this part of the world are known (and have unique cultural aspects) as Ashkenazi.
32. The diaspora from the Jerusalem area was exiled to the Arab countries, and lived in the golden age of Spain (Sepharad in hebrew). Jews from this part of the world are known (and have unique cultural aspects) as Sephardim.

Here ends the prophecy of Ovadiah.


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