Monday, February 21, 2005

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The 10th Hour has an exciting selection of material on End Times and kabbalistic calculations of the ultimate redemption. All information below from the site...

Rabbi Winston Interview: ...Torah Logic. It is a master plan for Creation. It is a timetable for that master plan. Man wakes up daily and goes to work, doing his own thing, oblivious to a supernal undercurrent to history that has been flowing since G-d first said "Bereishis," and will continue until the end of history, and beyond for that matter. When things happen that shock us, it is because they didn't fit into our timetable and plan for Creation. But they had to happen exactly when they did and as they did, according to the master plan for Creation.

5765 - 5790: A 25-year period of time during which Moshiach must come.

According to tradition, each day of Creation corresponds to one millennium of history, and one hour corresponds to a period of 83.33 years ( Pirkei d’Rebi Eliezer Ch. 48). This would mean that the tenth hour of Day Six, during which time Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Sanhedrin 38b), corresponds to an 83.33 year period of time that began in 5750, or 1990 CE.

According to the Zohar, Techiyas HaMeisim (Resurrection of the Dead) will begin 210 years in advance of the year 6000, or 25 years from 5765, in 5790 or, 2030 CE (Midrash Ne’elam 140a). By this time, Moshiach will have already come and prepared the world for this next stage of history.

The Timetable of History Chart, Focused on the 10th Hour, click here. (Adobe Acrobat reader required.)

Note a similar chart is available at, broken down according to the writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.


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