Monday, January 31, 2005

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Updates & Changes

I continue to work on this blog to provide the best blogging & reading experience I can. Over the past week or so, for those interested in the technical stuff and the links the blog offers, I've made these changes:

  • Subscriptions - right at the top I've added the most common subscription / site feed / syndication options. Clicking on Add to My Newsreader will automatically add the blog to your local newsreader program. If you use a service such as MyYahoo, Bloglines or Newsgator, I added those buttons also.

  • Israeli Headlines - scroll down a bit and on the right you'll see a live news headline feed from Israel. This is courtesy of Israel National News aka Arutz 7.

  • Key Posts - a little further down on the right I just added Key Posts. With some months of posts behind me now, I was able to select some of what I consider the best.

  • Interesting Links - periodically I update the links, adding those of great interest and removing any that have not stood the test of time. Recent additions include the Kabbalah Art category, Cross Currents and Deep Blog, which has honored me with a prominent place in their Spirtuality category.

  • Blogosphere Services - the blog world continues to grow in new services and/or those new to me. I've added several more Blog Directories, including GetBlogs, BlogHub, and BlogExplosion. In the tracking category, I've added feed-subscriber statistics via Feedburner.

  • Last but not least, as part of the Israeli/Jewish Blogburst group (the source of the Remembering Aushwitz post), I've added the Blogburst blogroll at the very end of the right side.

I'm always open to suggestions, so if anyone has any ideas on how to improve the blog please post a comment or email me (info on the right).

Thanks for reading!


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