Sunday, January 02, 2005

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Tsunami Relief, Help Them Out!

The world remains in existence in the merit of people’s kindness. If there were no kindness in the world, the entire world couldn’t continue even one minute. It would just go back to barren emptiness. All the kindnesses we do here uphold the foundations of the upper worlds. Kindness is the basis of our existence, without kindness we wouldn’t exist. (Galia - Messages from Heaven)

Of course, there are many organizations puting out tremendous effort to help those affected by the tsunami. Here are my favorites:

As I posted in the previous entry, Chabad of Thailand is making an incredible effort to help the local Jewish community, Jewish tourists, visiting Israeli's, and everyone else they can. Help them out, click here.

Chabad of Thailand - December 28, 2004

Dear Friends,
I write to you in the midst of the mounting humanitarian disaster affecting Southeast Asia.

As the only local based Jewish service agency in the country dealing with this catastrophe, our offices and staff in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ko Samui have put everything else aside, working 24/7 to assist those in need and comfort.

I therefore turn to everyone for urgent help in funding our humanitarian efforts during the crisis, Chabad of Thailand’s response to the crisis was immediate and is growing daily...

(click here to read the whole appeal)

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is raising funds for general tsunami relief. Click here for more info and to help out.

These events have caused mass devastation and loss of life. Funds raised will help various agencies on the ground provide emergency supplies for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been left homeless due to flooding and structural damage.

(Credit to Renegade Rebbetzin for the JDC link.)


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