Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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Mystical Places: Rabbi Meir, The Master of Miracles

In Teveria (Tiberious), on the shore of the sea of the Galilee, just south of the city, is the resting place of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, the master of miracles:

The story of Rabbi Meir: In the Talmud (hebrew/aramayic), Audio & translation

אלקא דמאיר ענני - אלקא דמאיר ענני - אלקא דמאיר ענני - Simply saying the phrase אלהא דמאיר ענני "elokeye d'meir annaynee" three times , which means "G-d of Meir Answer Me!", a person will be saved from trouble, if they promise to give charity to the poor and needy in the memory of the soul of Rebbe Meir Baal Haness.

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Charity in the name of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, click here.


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