Monday, January 03, 2005

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Messages from the next world...

Once again, comes through with an amazing link to an amazing site.

Galia - Messages from Heaven, is the (seemingly) true story of a severely brain damaged austistic child that begins to communicate with her mother (and other trained Facilitated Communication specialists) far beyond the limited capabilities of her physical body, speaking in detail about the heavenly realms, speaking literally from her soul.

Check out the site here: Galia - Messages from Heaven
And the published book (in English) here: Galia - Messages from Heaven

One time Galia said, “Mum, everything you do to help the public has great power to bring people closer to their Father in heaven. It’s all very spiritual and far beyond our limited ability to understand here in this world, the world of falsehood where people’s ability to understand is limited by their physical brains. Even the smartest brain is totally primitive next to the amazingly powerful soul. Compared to the soul, the intellect is like a rudimentary invention.”

I asked her, “Is that so even with big geniuses like Einstein?”

She answered. “For sure, mum. I’m talking about the greatest human intellect imaginable. But even the greatest, the most intelligent and most educated elderly genius, someone who has spent his whole life amassing knowledge and wisdom, is like a caveman compared to what the soul is capable of. Mum, you can’t even begin to imagine what I mean because even the most imaginative person in the world couldn’t understand what I’m talking about.”
Here is part of a message given by Galia to Rabbi Moshe ben Lulu director of the religious radio station “Channel Two Thousand,” written on January 5, 1999.

The dear rabbi has to understand that there is a harsh decree concerning the Jewish people. We are all required to wake up the sleepers immediately because very soon the whole world is going to start convulsing furiously like a giant mixing bowl or an enormous pressure cooker, and a fearsome war will break out in Eretz Yisrael and in the whole world, and this will be the final, very painful, process of selection. The Jewish people is asleep in its apathy. A big blow can wake them up from the deep sleep they’re in. Many people are becoming religious but that’s not enough. If people knew what’s going to happen, they would fast over it. This is the calm before the great tempest. Everything will be in turmoil -- mountains, continents, people, armies -- everything will be in motion and very, very soon will come the long-awaited redemption of the Jewish people.

One time she wrote to me: “Mum, if someone is truthful and observes the mitzvot and serves God truly and faithfully with all his heart, no harm will come to him and it will be easier for him to get through the difficult times ahead of us. But some children need a beating to get them to mend their ways, while those who are already on the right path don’t need beatings and don’t need troubles. Anyone who genuinely fears God and serves Him will not suffer any harm. If we all go in God’s ways, all the decrees will be rescinded and eradicated and not one person will be harmed.”

It's an amazing site, have a visit.


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