Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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Reb Lazer goes offline.

Hasidic Gentile writes:

One of the internets greatest Gadol's (great men) has shut down. Reb Lazer (of the popular blog Reb Lazer's Shtibble) has announced that he has closed his Shtibble after coming to the conclusion that all the negative influences and crackpots out there on the net who haven't respected the sanctity of his site, is doing him more harm then good. I think I can speak for all my friends on the net from all over the world that we will sorely miss the daily insights and inspiration that we have had the good fortune to acquire by visiting the Reb's Shtibble. Reb Lazer WE MISS YOU ALREADY! G-D BLESS AND PLEASE COME BACK! :-)

I can only say I strongly second that opinion. But the 'net is a rough neighborhood, people do things, write things and say things they certainly wouldn't consider doing in person.


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