Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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Posts that caught my attention today.

I spent a little time today browsing other blogs and here's a few on-topic posts of interest:

Barbara's Musings posts an article from Tzvi Freeman...

Do Jews Believe in an Afterlife?

There isn't anything after life, because life never ends. It just goes higher and higher. The soul is liberated from the body and returns closer to her source than ever before.

Read the whole thing (though note Barabara's site has some really annoying background music).

Hasidic Rebbele is having a running argument with another site, Shtreimel...

"Prove to me there is a G-D"- Part 1

On a previous post I asked if there is anyone “here who thinks that they could PROVE to me that there is a G-D out there to step forward. If you can send me an email with an argument I promise to post it, discuss it and comply with the conclusions.”

...it is interesting that I just started to write about Jews like yourself. With a hectic Chanuukah schedule, I will attempt to begin some simple stuff and I hope to continue until we will all be clear here.

Therefore, I accept your challenge.

I will try to write here and continue on my blog, 'cause you are not the only one that is "hurting".

I compliment you for being brave to bring this and other issues to the masses so that we can finally address this accordingly.

and a follow-on post, "Prove to me there is a G-D"- Part 2

I also picked up this most interesting link from Hasidic Rebbele,
The Hasidic Masters' Guide to Management. I've just ordered the book, I'll let you know how it is.


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